xx/xx/xxxx - London, UK - Venue - Smokers Club Meet & Greet Package

xx/xx/xxxx - London, UK - Venue - Smokers Club Meet & Greet Package

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PLEASE NOTE - This a ticketless VIP upgrade package. This VIP package DOES NOT include a ticket to the concert. You must have a separately purchased concert ticket in order to redeem your VIP package. If you do not have a ticket to the concert please purchase one HERE.

Each Smokers Club Meet & Greet Package Includes:

  • One (1) Meet & Greet with Wiz and Other Smoker's Club Artists
  • One (1) Polaroid Photo Opp with Wiz and Other Smoker's Club Artists
  • One (1) Smoker's Club Sticker
  • One (1) Smoker's Club Poster



Please e-mail info@237global.com with any customer service questions. All ticketless upgrade package elements will be rendered invalid if resold. Name changes will be issued at the sole discretion of 23/7 Global. VIP instructions will be sent via email no later than one day (1) prior to the concert. If you do not receive this email one day (1) prior please email info@237global.com. Your VIP merchandise will either be handed out on-site or shipped - specifics will be emailed no later than 3 days before your concert. All ticketless upgrade package elements and contents are non-transferable; no refunds or exchanges; all sales are final. All ticketlessVIP upgrade items and experiences are subject to change. PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS A TICKETLESS VIP UPGRADE. YOU MUST HAVE A SEPARATELY PURCHASED GA TICKET IN ORDER TO ACCESS THE VIP MEET & GREET. Please note that the information provided at the time of purchase (e-mail and mailing address) is the same information that will be utilized for shipping and individual contact requirements where applicable. 23/7 Global, the artist, tour, promoter, ticketing company, venue or any other affiliated parties are not responsible for outdated or inaccurate information provided by the consumer at the time of purchase. If you have any questions regarding your ticketless VIP upgrade elements, or have not received you upgrade information within one day (1) of the concert date, please email info@237global.com. Please add info@237global.com to your safe senders list to ensure receipt of all necessary show information.